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About the System

You are the organizer of the event and need to know the effectiveness of your enterprise. How can you do this?

Unique system of payments, control and analysis of the effectiveness of the events. The system consists of 4 modules:

Creating, adding, or editing a list is very simple: add or remove.You can change groups, accesses, statuses at any time. Changes will take effect in a few seconds throughout the event. With BOVER SYSTEM you will be able to more effectively organize events and have full control thanks to a system of analysis of the behavior of visitors and employees.

Movie Explorer
A two-minute video briefly describing the operation and capabilities of the system at the event
BOVER® PAY provides great amenities for organizers and tenants as well as for visitors:


the increase in profitability occurs due to the transition from the rental system of selling POS to the system of paying a percentage of revenue from each point. Also, such a system is transparent and honest with respect to all participants in the process.

Additional Service

All additional services can be provided on preferential terms or conditionally free when the organizer uses the BOVER PAY system

Search for tenants and sales points
Electricity and Internet
Point of Sale Compliance
Safety and security at the event
Building food courts and markets
Service control
Point of sale video surveillance
Point of sale cleaning

BOVERTECH Standard Commission

from 6%

from the turnover of POS.


  • Acquiring
  • Financial transactions
  • Flexible access control system for guests and staff
  • Distribution of funds on tenant accounts
  • Costs for the organization and equipment of cash desks
  • Providing point of sale terminals
  • Control of points of sale for the use of the system
  • Financial statements.
The conditions and size of the BOVERTECH commission depend on the numbers of visitors at the event, the location of the site, the planned total turnover and the connection of additional services
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